What Is Charter Standard?
What Is Charter Standard?
A club that has achieved the FA Kite Mark.
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Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People (BACYP)

Who are we?
BACYP provides support and develops new opportunities to youth leaders and young people across Berkshire. As an independent organization, we willingly support the five outcomes of Every Child Matters and promote these through our ongoing club support and programme delivery. Our mission is
“To further the development and education of young people through leisure time activities so as to help them grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.”

Why are we involved in the LFP?
BACYP believes that football is a fantastic medium which can be used to positively develop and educate young people and support their person development as positive individuals and members of society.

What can BACYP offer the LFP?

BACYP delivers through four core areas of working:
BACYP will offer the LFP a range of competitive and non-competitive events for young people to become involved in - promoting participation for life in both football and non-footballing opportunities.
BACYP will offer the LFP access to the BACYP Action Team
BACYP have access to a vast database of volunteers as we are charged with delivering the national v involved programme; we also encourage young people to take positive action within their own community, to become the next leaders and to involve others in shaping services to young people.
Club Support
Not only are our departments involved in the support of our clubs, we also affiliate our members to the National Association of Clubs for Young People and UK Youth
We can offer the LFP support in recruitment, governance signposting to professional advice and access to funding bodies and insurance brokers. We help to start-up and support new clubs, including the training of youth leaders, senior members, junior leaders and management committees.
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